Low Testosterone in Women

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women

What are the symptoms of low testosterone in women? While testosterone is well known for its role in the male body, females also produce small amounts of testosterone in the ovaries and adrenal glands. Just like men, women can experience low testosterone. Here’s what it looks like in women.

What is Low Testosterone in Women

In a woman’s body, testosterone serves several functions. It contributes to a woman’s sex drive and libido, improves energy, promotes ovarian health, and plays a crucial role in bone growth and strength.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of low testosterone in women, AKA low T, can be subtle and mimic other conditions. This means is may often go undiagnosed. In fact, the signs of low T in women can commonly be misdiagnosed as depression or anxiety.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women Low Testosterone in Women

Symptoms of low T in women include:

What Causes Low T in Women?

The main cause is aging. Over time, testosterone levels decrease, particularly during menopause. However, women with surgically removed ovaries, or damaged ovaries (such as patients who have undergone chemotherapy) may also experience low testosterone. Additionally, some estrogen treatments, like birth control pills, can lower a woman’s testosterone levels.

Diagnosis and Treatment

While there is no test specifically approved for diagnosing low T in women, the condition can be diagnosed through a blood test. Once you are diagnosed, there are a few treatment options. Testosterone replacement therapy comes in pills, patches, creams, gels, and implants. Patients can speak to hormone specialist to learn more about the testosterone treatments options that are best for them.

Specialist for Low Testosterone in Women in Virginia

If you think you may be suffering from low testosterone, its important to speak to a doctor about it. Don’t wait. Contact The Menopause Center today.

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