Struggling With Painful Intercourse?

Are you suffering from painful intercourse? This chronic pain condition is the leading cause of painful sex among pre-menopausal women. However, many women find painful intercourse difficult to discuss with their doctor. And when they do, many doctors mistakenly diagnose vulvodynia as something else.

If you suspect you might be suffering from this condition, you’re in the right place. Our qualified experts are revealing everything you need to know about vulvodynia in today’s blog post.

What is Vulvodynia/Painful Intercourse?

Essentially,it is a chronic pain condition of the vulva (aka the outer female genitals), which includes the labia, clitoris, and vaginal opening. It usually lasts longer than three months, and there isn’t a known cause. Generally, vulvodynia is categorized as being one of two types:

  • Generalized vulvodynia is experiencing pain in different areas of the vulva at different times. Touch or pressure may or may not cause it, and vulvar pain may be constant or occasional.
  • Localized vulvodynia references pain occurring in one area of the vulva. Often a burning sensation, this type of pain results from touch or pressure (like prolonged sitting).

Causes and Risk Factors vulvodynia painful intercourse

Vulvodynia/painful intercourse doesn’t have a known cause. Additionally, there isn’t any proof that sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) lead to vulvodynia. While researchers are currently trying to determine a cause, there are a variety of theories including (but not limited to):

  • Nerve injury or irritation
  • Hypersensitivity to yeast infections
  • Abnormal responses in vulvar cells to infection or trauma
  • Genetic factors making the vulva respond poorly to chronic inflammation

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The symptoms of vulvodynia include burning, stinging, rawness, aching, soreness, itching, or throbbing in the vulva area. If you’re experiencing any of these – either all the time or occasionally – those of us at The Menopause Center are here for you. With 30+ years of experience in women’s health care, we are confident in our ability to help. Contact us to get started today.