dutch testDutch Test in Vienna, Virginia

The DUTCH Test is an advanced diagnostic method your gynecologist can use to gain valuable insight into the state of your hormones. It provides important information about your sexual and adrenal hormones. Additionally, it provides insight into enzymes and compounds produced by the body to maintain optimal health.

Why Choose This Test?

There are many hormone tests on the market, but the DUTCH Test surpasses them. Compared to saliva testing, this test is more accurate when it comes to checking for hormonal imbalances. Therefore, it can help determine whether you need replacement therapy. As for serum testing and 24-hour urine testing, they do not collect as much data as the DUTCH Test, leaving questions unanswered.

What Does the Test Feel Like?

The test simply consists of is submitting dried urine samples. Your bladder being relieved is all you will feel. You’ll collect four to five samples throughout a 24 hour period.

When Will I See Test Results?

From start to finish, the process takes around three weeks.

Am I a Good Candidate for the Test?

Men and women alike are candidates for this amazing testing method to diagnose health concerns related to hormones. If you show signs of hormone imbalance or other health issues, you should talk to your doctor about this diagnostic test.

Where Is the Best Place for DUTCH Test in Vienna, Virginia?

If you’re interested in having a DUTCH Test, we would love to help. When the results come back, we can also help provide services such as hormone replacement therapy to help get your health back on track. Contact us at 703-991-6806 to schedule a consultation to get started, and stop playing the guessing game when it comes to wondering whether your hormones are out of balance.