The Center for Menopausal  Skin Care was established by Dr. Melinda Hall to help women look and feel their best. Many women say that they don’t feel their age. They look in the mirror and realize that they look much older on the outside than they feel on the inside. The effects of aging, combined with the effects of menopause on the skin can be devastating. Women often say that they are treated differently as they age. Many women are in the work force and want to retain a vibrant, energetic look to compete effectively. Women have more confidence when they look their best.

Lets face it, some women age well, and some don’t. Most of our skin problems are related to genetics and sun damage. We can’t do anything about our genes and the sun damage occurred is our earlier lives. The skin damaging effects of the sun were not known or appreciated when we were teenagers and young adults.

When a woman goes through the change of life, she no longer has estrogen to boost the collagen in the skin. The elastin fibers in the dermis shrink and the top layer of the skin thins. This leads to wrinkles, sagging of the skin, and poor skin tone. The sun damaged skin starts to have more dark spots and the skin can get splotchy and red.

Adult acne is very common at this stage in life, as the testosterone level is elevated in relation to the declining estrogen levels. Rosacea can appear or worsen.  Many patients develop a ruddy, reddish complexion which progresses over time. Some women develop pimple like bumps in the central face. Both adult acne and rosacea are linked to declining female hormones.

What we offer:

As menopausal specialists, skin care has become a natural progression in our practice. Menopausal and Post Menopausal women complain about hot flashes, forgetfulness, dry vaginas, decreased libido, gaining weight and SKIN PROBLEMS. While hormone replacement may help some of these problems, skin health needs to be directly addressed before the changes are permanent. Dr. Hall will work with you on getting your hormones right in TGMC, but you owe it to yourself to take care of your skin.

Initial skin consultations are complementary. Dr. Hall will assess your skin type, skin health, your personal dislikes about your skin and your goals. We then work together in a gradual way to improve your skin health and to slow the aging process of the skin.

Chemical Peels

The first step is improvement in the general health of the skin. Dr. Hall will usually start with a series of facial peels. For decades, chemical peels have been the foundation for the treatment of facial aging including loss of skin tone, enlarged pores, fine wrinkles and aging spots. Chemical compounds, including various acids and plant based substances may be used to predictably remove superficial skin cells and to stimulate the production of a new, uniform layer of skin from the dermis outward. The new skin cells are more healthy and produce new collagen,the main building block of the dermis. This penetration of the skin by these substances may eliminate some of the abnormal pigment in the skin, soften the fine wrinkles and pores leading to healthier, more rejuvenated you.

The results of chemical peels are a smoother, brighter and tighter skin!

Chemical peels are classified according to their depth of penetration as superficial, medium and deep. The depth of the peel is controlled by many factors, the most important being the type and strength of the peeling agent used. Medium depth peels provide the optimal combination of effective results, safety, cost effectiveness and minimal down time. The recovery time is dependent on the patients skin type, her previous treatments, and the specific type of peel used.

Anti-Aging Products

Part of the reason for starting with a dermal peel is to make the skin more receptive to anti-aging skin products. There are many anti-aging products for sale, and you may have tried one and found it not helpful. The skin must be treated first, in most cases, to allow the products to penetrate the epidermis. Many products advertised as “anti-aging” have very little true anti-aging ingredients.  This is called the “fairy dust” approach and it does not work sufficiently for most middle aged women.

We try our best to only recommend products that work and that contain a significant amount of a quality anti-aging ingredients. We do the research for you, finding the best products available and then customize the products to your individual needs.

BOTOX® Therapy

Botox has been used for the past 10+ years with outrageous success and few side effects or complications. Botox is used to temporarily and partially paralize facial muscles of expression. This partial block is important in that you will still be able to smile and wrinkle your forehead, but the muscles will move in a different way. The creases or wrinkles caused by that expression will not worsen and will hopefully go away. Not only can Botox make the crease or wrinkle regress significantly or disappear, it prevents more wrinkles from appearing by redirecting the movement of the facial muscles of expression. The Botox is injected in a conservative way and “frozen face” will not occur.

Although the only FDA approved use for Botox is in the glabella region (between the eyebrows) and lips, there are many off label indications that can offer amazing results. Some of the uses are:

  • Horizontal forehead lines that stay at rest
  • Crows feet from years of smiling or squinting
  • The corners of the mouth turning downward, the “lipstick bleed lines”
  • Marionette lines

Botox treatment with Dr. Hall is scheduled for a 30 minute appointment. She does all the treatments herself and has great results. There may be mild pain associated with the injections, but it is well tolerated by patients.The effects of Botox last 4 to 6 months and must be repeated for the same effect. After continually using Botox, the effects last longer and require fewer touch ups.

Dermal Fillers

Most dermal fillers today are made from hyaluronic acid, a carbohydrate normally found in the human body. As we age, collagen in the skin is lost and the face tends to droop, forming folds and deep creases in the skin. The dermal filler creates volume, resulting in a healthy and vital appearance. Once injected into the skin to lift the lip, wrinkle or fold, the gel works with the body’s own hyaluronic acid to stimulate the skin’ s own collagen production. The effect can be dramatic and immediate.

The dermal fillers are FDA approved to treat the deep folds that form from the bottom corner of the nostril to the corresponding mouth corner, called the naso-labial folds.

Areas successfully treated with dermal fillers, but are off label use include:

  • Downturn of the mouth corners giving the face a sad appearance
  • Thinning of the lips associated with aging
  • Jowls forming, face falling
  • Recessing of the chin
  • High cheek bones that have lost volume

Dr. Hall performs all of the treatments herself and take her time in injecting dermal fillers. She is careful to use appropriate anesthesia to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Appointment are scheduled for one hour. The dermal fillers last about 9 months and a touch-up is then recommended. The longer the product is used, the longer it lasts.

Many procedures are best performed using a combination of Botox with a Dermal Filler. Dr. Hall will review these possibilities with you at your cosmetic consult.

“Why does my gynecologist offer cosmetic and aesthetic services?”

“Because my patients request it!” says Dr. Hall. “Most of my patients will not seek out a physician for cosmetic services, but they know and trust me and ask me for these specialized services”

Its a process…just like good health.

Healthy skin does not happen overnight. It takes ongoing care and treatment to achieve optimal health and then regular maintenance. Who better to manage your skin problems than your gynecologist who follows you for many personal issues?

“What is more personal to a woman than the way she looks?” – Dr Hall


“Should I go to a Plastic Surgeon for these cosmetic procedures?”

Not necessarily. As a trained surgeon, Dr. Hall has focused on perfecting her techniques in aesthetics for the past six years. She started her aesthetic practice at Virginia Cosmetic Laser in 2007 and has treated many women continually over the years. She has taken ongoing advanced courses in the delivery of Botox, Dermal Fillers and anti-aging skin care techniques and products. Dr Hall has been complemented repeatedly by patients of all ages for her expertise in these procedures and for her care and understanding of the skin changes in women as they age.

Most importantly, Dr. Hall has a faithful following of patients who think she is absolutely the best and would not consider seeing anyone else. Dr. Hall’s goal is to help you look your best gradually.

“Look as good as you feel.” – Dr. Melinda S. Hall

Dr Hall does a great job with dermal fillers. She takes her time and sculpts your face. She has an artist’s eye for detail. I would never see anyone else for these procedures. – PG

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