Best Menopause Doctor Near Me

Best Menopause Doctor Near Me

According a recent AARP survey, 84 percent of women report that menopause symptoms interfere with their daily lives.

But despite this statistic, three out of four women who seek help for menopause symptoms don’t receive it.

If this sounds like you, you probably have a number of questions about menopause and associated changes.

These may include: How can I treat my symptoms? Is there anything I can do to improve my quality of life? How can I find the best menopause doctor near me?

To learn more about menopause management, including factors to consider when selecting a physician, read on.

Here are four things to consider when looking for the best menopause doctor.

1. Does She Understand the Emotional Aspects of Menopause?

After going to a number of medical practitioners who are not equipped to handle the emotional aspects of menopause, many women find themselves investigating: How to find the best menopause doctor near me.

They are hoping to locate a specialist who understands that menopause is not just about physical changes and symptoms, but that it brings about emotional issues as well.

In fact, many menopausal women suffer from increased anxiety and remain unaware that shifting hormones are the likely culprit.

And it doesn’t help that uninformed providers can dismiss emotional symptoms like anxiety and not recognize that hormonal factors are to blame.

2. What’s the Physician’s Approach to Menopause?

A seasoned menopause specialist usually takes a holistic approach to managing menopause. She seeks to treat more than just the body and acknowledges that the patient is changing as a woman.

In many cases, this involves referrals to other specialists, including psychologists who can adeptly treat emotional changes such as anxiety, mood swings, and depression.

3. Does the Provider Offer Personalization Solutions?

Menopause is a very personal experience. If you are seeking the “best menopause doctor near me,” be sure to look for a provider that offers customized insights and recommendations that are well-suited to your individual needs.

For some women, this means finding helpful solutions to painful sex or reduced libido or ways to combat insomnia or weight gain.

4. Does She Manage Symptoms to Reduce the Risk of Disease?

When women’s menopause symptoms are discounted, it causes them unnecessary suffering and can increase their risk for life-threatening diseases.

Research has shown that failure to manage menopause symptoms early-on can make patients more vulnerable to type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease.

Best Menopause Doctor Near Me

Patients who are looking for the “best menopause doctor near me,” will receive the highest quality care from a menopause specialist like Dr. Melinda Hall.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Hall, please call our office today.

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