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What Is a Vulvodynia Specialist?

Pain or discomfort in the vulva area can be one of the most frustrating types of pain that you can experience. This can damage your quality of life, as things like sex and even simply sitting become extremely uncomfortable. Determining the cause can be difficult, and finding treatment can be uncomfortable, but with the right specialist, your discomfort can be relieved and your quality of life can be restored. So, what is a vulvodynia specialist, and what can they do to help?

What Exactly Is Vulvodynia?

Vulvodynia is characterized by itching, burning, soreness, and rawness. The vulva tissues may look inflamed but often looks normal to the untrained eye. Unfortunately, this condition can last for months or even years. 

This issue does not have any single known cause or any single treatment. Possible contributing causes of vulvodynia include recurring yeast infections, allergies, hormonal changes, muscular issues, and/or nerve issues.

What Is a Vulvodynia Specialist, and What Can They Do to Help Eliminate My Vulvar Pain and Irritation?

They are simply a gynecologist that specializes in the care of the vulva and other important areas that only pertain to women. A specialist in vulvodynia has undergone extensive training related specifically to the vulva.

To determine possible causes of your vulvodynia to alleviate symptoms, your specialist will do a pelvic exam and a swab test. You will also be asked questions in an effort to gather the information that can help determine possible causes. Knowing these causes will help your specialist determine the correct treatments. 

Once other issues such as yeast infections, bacterial infections, and STIs have been eliminated as causes through the pelvic exam and testing, a specialist will recommend treatments to relieve your discomfort.

Every treatment regimen is unique, and often, a combination of treatments is used. This can include steroids, local anesthetics, nerve blocks, antihistamines, and/or pelvic floor therapy. Surgery may be required if it’s determined that tissue removal will relieve pain.

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