Does DHEA Increase Libido in Women

Does DHEA Increase Libido in Women?

Just like estrogen and testosterone, our DHEA and DHEA-S levels decrease with age. By age 70, they’re at approximately 25% of their peak. For that reason, we see substantial research regarding DHEA and its supplementation surrounding common concerns like libido, bone strength, metabolic health, and the like. But does DHEA increase libido in women? For real?

Keep reading, as today’s blog post has the answer to that question. (And more!)

Does DHEA Increase Libido in Women? Does DHEA Increase Libido in Women

So, does DHEA increase libido in women? To answer that question, a study supplemented women aged 60 to 79 years with 50mg of DHEA daily (that restores DHEA-S to “normal youthful levels”). As a result, the women experienced a substantial increase in testosterone and estradiol levels. Women over 70 also experienced improved libido, elevated bone health, decreased bone turnover, and improved skin hydration. And to top it all off, no adverse effects associated with DHEA were reported.

The study also revealed that DHEA may improve libido in younger females. It’s not uncommon for women to experience sexual side effects from taking oral contraception (including lower libido). And when supplemented with 50mg of DHEA daily, the markers of sexual function (including sexual arousal and desire) drastically improved in younger women.

In women, DHEA conversion to testosterone by our adrenals is our primary source of testosterone. That’s why women with adrenal insufficiency experience declining libido. However, multiple studies have demonstrated that 50mg of DHEA is a suitable dosage for women with adrenal insufficiency. Additionally, it supports improved hormone levels, metabolic parameters, well-being, anxiety, sexual interest, and more.

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