perimenopausal weight gain Vienna

Causes of Perimenopause Weight Gain Vienna

Perimenopausal weight gain in Vienna is different than regular weight gain. The excess weight comes on more quickly and is much, much harder to lose, even with diet and exercise. In fact, nearly 80% of women report moderate to severe perimenopausal weight gain. Here’s what you can do about it.

What Causes Perimenopausal Weight Gain in Vienna

The number one reason is the changing estrogen levels. During perimenopause, your estrogen levels fluctuate, and fall compared to other hormones. Since the ovaries are producing less estrogen, your body turns to fat for producing the estrogen you need. So, your body holds onto fat.

Another factor is that stress, high cortisol levels and blood sugar imbalances create an even greater imbalance between sex hormones. This leads to even more fat deposition.

Dieting Doesn’t Work perimenopause weight gain Vienna

In fact, your favorite weight loss strategies may do more harm than good during this time. Due to the hormonal imbalance, a simple diet and exercise plan won’t be effective. Instead, it can be problematic.

When it comes to perimenopausal weight gain, your sex hormones and stress hormones are already struggling to stay in balance. Throw in physical stress from restrictive dieting and over exercising, and you get even higher levels of the stress hormones that block weight loss.

What to Do About Perimenopause Weight Gain in Vienna

First, you need to have your hormone levels checked. Once your provider has a starting point, you can work on balancing the hormones. This will help you feel better, and since your stress levels are reduced, cortisol levels will decrease. This allows weight loss.

Benefits of Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss

In addition to obvious benefit of weight loss, there are other benefits to reducing inflammation in the body. High inflammation can lead to strokes, heart attack, and even dementia. Don’t wait to speak to your doctor. Contact The Menopause Center today to speak to a specialist about your perimenopausal weight gain in Vienna.

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