Can Cannabis Help Menopause Symptoms?

Can Cannabis Help Menopause Symptoms?

A recent Harvard survey looked at the usage of cannabis and CBD in women experiencing menopause symptoms. Can cannabis help relieve menopause symptoms? Here’s what the study found.

Menopause Symptoms

From hot flashes and mood changes to sleep issues and much more, its no secret that menopause symptoms can be frustrating, embarrassing, and uncomfortable. A recent survey shows that nearly 80% of midlife women use cannabis to ease these menopause symptoms.

With rising numbers of US states legalizing medical marijuana, the popularity of this alternative form of medicine has risen substantially. It’s no wonder women are heading to their local dispensary.

Survey Findings can cannabis help menopause symptoms

This new Harvard led survey was published in the journal Menopause. It studies the patterns of cannabis use in 131 women in perimenopause, and 127 women who had already passed through menopause. An astounding 86% were current cannabis users. However, the participants were split on whether they used cannabis for recreational or medical reasons, or both.

Nearly 79% of the participants claimed that cannabis alleviates menopause related symptoms. Of those participants, 67% reported that cannabis helps with sleep disturbance and 46% said it helps improve mood and anxiety.

How Cannabis Helps Menopause Symptoms

How does cannabis alleviate those pesky menopause symptoms? Well, its likely due to the fact that the drug dims the prefrontal cortex. Many women struggle with anxiety spikes during perimenopause and find it very difficult to “turn of their brain” and just relax. This feeling impacts sleep, which adds to the stress and mood swings already present. Cannabis use dims the prefrontal cortex which allows people to calm down.

Long Term Effects

Since there is a lack of clinical trials to test the effectiveness and safety of cannabis, more research is needed in this area. Yes, people may find relief from cannabis but menopause often lasts for years and there are no studies showing the long term effects of cannabis.

Specialist for Menopause Symptoms

If you are tired of struggling with menopause symptoms, it’s time to speak to your doctor. Many women find significant relief from their symptoms with the right treatment. To learn more, please contact the Menopause Center.

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