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Best Hot Flash Treatments in Virginia

If you suffer from hot flashes, then you know how uncomfortable and disruptive they are. Do you know what causes them? Do you know what symptoms to look out for? What are the best hot flash treatments in Virginia? Here’s what the experts have to say.

What Are Hot Flashes, and Why Do I Have Them?

Typically, hot flashes are caused by a change in your hormone levels. They most commonly occur during menopause, though issues with medication and some cancer treatments can also cause them.

What Are Common Hot Flashes Symptoms?

Most notably, you’ll suddenly feel warm and flushed around your face, neck, and chest. You might experience other symptoms such as a rapid heartbeat or perspiration. You may notice feelings of anxiety, and at the end of a hot flash, you may feel chills.

How Are Hot Flashes Diagnosed?

Before we answer, “What are the best hot flash treatments in Virginia,” we should first look at how you’ll be diagnosed. It’s a pretty simple, straightforward process. Your doctor can usually diagnose you just from a description of your symptoms, health history, and lab tests including blood work. Then, your hot flash specialist can determine the cause of your hot flashes, as well as the best treatment for you.

What Are the Best Hot Flash Treatments in Virginia?

Estrogen is the most effective way to treat hot flashes, so your doctor may prescribe some type of hormone therapy. Other treatment options may include low-dose antidepressants or prescription medications.

If Hot Flashes Are Disrupting Your Life, Contact The Menopause Center!

We take these menopausal symptoms seriously and want you to know you’ll receive the best care with compassion and respect. If you are experiencing hot flashes, please contact us at 703-991-6806 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Melinda Hall. There’s no need to suffer hormonal changes any longer!

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