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Are Compound Hormones Better Than Prescriptions for Menopause Symptoms?

During your next gynecology visit, your provider may recommend treatment for your unpleasant menopause symptoms. Some prescribe medications such as vaginal estrogen, while others recommend compounded treatments like bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. But, are compound hormones better than prescriptions? Here’s the scoop!

What Is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

This treatment combines precise amounts of manufactured plant-based hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone, to meet your specific needs. They come in various forms including but not limited to creams, gels, sprays, and pellets.

Bioidentical means that the hormones used are similar to your naturally occurring hormones, and the amount used is closer to the levels that you would have if your hormones weren’t changing due to menopause. A combination of hormones are used depending on what you as an individual need, so treatment is customized.

Are Compound Hormones Better Than Prescriptions for Estrogen-Only Medications?

Many patients opt for compound bioidentical hormones due to concerns about synthetic hormones. Others prefer it for its personalized approach. With this treatment, you also benefit from continuous clinical support. It provides a safe, efficient, and straightforward solution to hormonal imbalance and its associated symptoms.

Are compound hormones better than prescriptions? There is no denying that, for some women, they are. To assess your eligibility, it is necessary to schedule an appointment with a reputable and experienced provider. A medical evaluation and hormone testing are necessary.

You may be an ideal candidate for hormone therapy if:

  • You have a genetic predisposition to specific cancers or osteoporosis.
  • Your lab results indicate that this treatment can alleviate your symptoms.
  • You reached natural menopause before 40 or underwent menopause due to surgery or chemotherapy before 45.
  • Severe menopausal symptoms are impacting your quality of life.

Put an End to the Needless Suffering of Menopausal Symptoms With Bioidentical Hormones From The Menopause Center!

You can alleviate the troubling symptoms impacting your daily life and feel more comfortable through this transitional phase!

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