Vulva Vaginal Disorders

Addressing Common Vulva Vaginal Disorders

When discussing the vagina, we do not always think about the most common vulva vaginal disorders that women suffer from every day.

What Is The Vulva?

The vulva refers to the external genital area of the vagina.

When Should I Contact My Doctor?

If you experience any changes on the skin of your vulva or if you notice any symptoms such as itching, burning or pain you should contact your gynecologist right away.

You doctor should be able to assess the condition of your vulva based on your pain level, your daily routine and through analyzing any vaginal discharge or biopsies taken.

Common Vulva Vaginal Disorders

Some of the most common vulva vaginal disorders include the following:


Folliculitis can present itself as small, red bumps which can sometimes cause pain.

These bumps are caused by bacteria in your hair follicles and often goes away on its own.

Contact Dermatitis

Contact Dermatitis is usually triggered by common skin irritants such as perfumes, soaps or certain fabrics. If you are experiencing itching, burning, redness or pain you may be suffering from contact dermatitis.

Bartholin Gland Cysts

If the Bartholin glands on either side of the opening of the vagina become blocked a cyst may form. This cyst cam become painful if they become infected.

Lichen Simplex Chronicus

If you have been suffering from contact dermatitis for a long period of time it may develop in to lichen simplex chronicus.


Vulvodynia may present with differing areas of pain. If you are experiencing burning, stinging, irritation, rawness, aching, throbbing or swelling you may be experiencing vulvodynia.

If you believe you may have vulvodynia please contact your OBGYN today.

Tysons Gynecology

At Tysons Gynecology Dr. Hall and her staff have years of experience treating many common vulva vaginal disorders.

If you have noticed issues with your vulva or vagina and would like to come in for an appointment call Dr. Hall and her staff today at (703)991-6806.

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