Lichen Sclerosus Northern Virginia

Lichen Sclerosus is a chronic condition that typically produces inflammation, pain, burning, itching and creates white, patchy skin on the genital and anal areas.

For many women, it can cause mild to severe discomfort and interfere with daily activities, intimate relationships, and quality of life.

Continue reading to learn all about Lichen Sclerosus symptoms, presentation, and a promising new treatment called Stem Cell Lift.

What Is Lichen Sclerosus?

Lichen Sclerosus is an autoimmune condition that can affect skin and mucus membrane of the clitoris, vulva, vaginal opening, perineum and anal areas.

While some patients with Lichen Sclerosus may be asymptomatic, others may experience mild, moderate, or severe symptoms, including:

  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Pain with urinating and bowel movements
  • Fusing
  • Erosion
  • Fissures

In the early stages, the chronic disease may produce small white shiny and smooth spots on the genital and anal regions.

As Lichen Sclerosus advances, spots may expand to form patche, and skin may appear crepey and thin.

What Are the Disadvantages of Current Lichen Sclerosus Treatments?

Current Lichen Sclerosus treatments usually rely on topical anti-inflammatory steroids, which work to diminish symptoms, but do not act on the disease itself. They can also lead patients to develop a dependence over time.

What is Stem Cell Lift? How Can It Treat Lichen Sclerosus?

Stem Cell Lift is an innovative procedure for the treatment of Lichen Sclerosus. It involves harvesting stem cells from fat and administering them to the affected area. In doing so, the stem cells seek to repair cell and tissue damage as well as:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Stimulate and strengthen collagen
  • Restore elasticity

Following Stem Cell Lift for Lichen Sclerosus, patients report less frequent flare-ups, with shorter duration. Best of all, they experience a decrease in pain and discomfort.

Learn More About Lichen Sclerosus

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