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Menopausal Weight Gain

Being a menopause specialist, I see many women going through the change of life. Women have varied complaints and issues, but the number one concern of middle-aged women is weight gain. Almost all menopausal women complain about a fat layer that forms around the waist and a 20 pound weight gain (minimum) while eating no more and exercising the same amount as the year before.

Although not completely understood, there is redistribution of our fat due to a decrease in metabolism that occurs with midlife and menopause. There is a relative insensitivity that develops to hormones such as insulin and thyroid, causing us to gain weight and to store it around the waist. When a woman’s reproductive hormones are unbalanced, as in peri-menopause and menopause, the body is stressed with hot flashes, night sweats and sleep difficulties. This internal stress causes the adrenal hormone, cortisol to increase, and cortisol signals your body hold on to fat for self-preservation.

At the Menopause Center, we first do sophisticated testing initially to measure your hormone levels, then we balance the hormones. Not only do you feel better, but your body is under less stress, and your cortisol level decrease. This allows you to lose weight, however it is half the battle.

If your body is under constant stress from a poor diet and little exercise, the body becomes inflamed. This inflammation, in turn, increases the cortisol, making you hold on to the fat. The reason that weight loss and healthy living is so important is that it keeps inflammation low in our body. High inflammation may lead to heart attacks, strokes, and even dementia. Being overweight is not only unhealthy, but can decrease a woman’s self-confidence and thus affect her work performance and her personal relationships. Women hate being fat, and we are here to help you.

Our Weight Management Plan

 Healthy Transformations is a program from Metagenics that has been medically studied and has been shown to promote significant weight loss. It is a supervised diet plan including medical foods and supplements to help you lose weight and build muscle mass by eating properly. It is one of the most effective, complete programs around, and includes a maintenance program that actually works!

The key to weight loss is motivation and close follow-up. After the initial evaluation by Dr. Hall, and the hormone balancing has begun, a lifestyle coach will see you every one to two weeks to assess your progress and encourage you in each step of the process. Weight loss is hard and the key to success is to have a good coach.

Our health coach helps guide you to better health, exuberant energy, achievable goals, and successfully transforming to your ideal healthy weight. What you learn in these programs is how to eat better for life, it promotes healthy lifestyle choices that incorporates exercise, better nutrition, and stress relief. These plans are most effective with regular follow up consultations to help motivate you and be successful in obtaining your goals. First Line Therapy uses medical foods as one meal replacement for people who struggle with high cholesterol, diabetes, pre-diabetes, and gastrointestinal problems. Not only do you lose weight on these programs, but you can lower your risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and overall feel great. We know how hard this process can be trying to achieve these lifestyle changes on your own. Our quality of life is so important and we all want to feel amazing. Let us guide you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Our Health Coach’s Story

My name is Laurel Love and I am the health coach at The Menopause Center. I wanted to share with you my story, my journey to better health. I was one of those people who put everyone else before themselves. I am sure many of you can connect with that. I neglected my health. I let myself go and ended up paying the consequences. I did not listen to my own body when different symptoms started taking over my body. I spent years suffering from extreme fatigue, infections, severe thirst, and worst of all, I started losing my eye sight. Then I finally realized that something was very wrong with me. For years, I had diabetes and didn’t know it. My blood sugar was out of control and my pancreas had taken a toll. I have a new breed of diabetes, type 1 and a half, called Lada. I am on insulin for the rest of my life. I look back and wonder if I had paid more attention to the signals my body was giving me, that maybe I could have prevented this awful disease. I now live a very healthy lifestyle, with nutritious meals and daily exercise. I feel amazing.

Since I was diagnosed, I wanted to help people feel great, lose weight, and prevent disease. I enrolled in The Institute for Integrated Nutrition and received my certification in holistic health and nutrition. This course changed my life and I have so much to share with people to help improve their lives. Our lives are so valuable and everyone has the right to live an abundant life in a healthy body. Please let me help you and then you can spread your knowledge and experience with others.

How do I get started?

Call the main number of The Menopause Center at 703 991-6806 to set up your initial nutritional consultation. If you have questions, call and ask for Laurel, our chief medical weight loss consultant. The initial consultation is free and the Lifestyle educator will explain the program to you.